From E-voting to Life planner – Service Design course with Laurea students brings up new ideas for the Service Views project

The current and national portals for citizens and entrepreneurs are about to undergo a major change by becoming a single, role based, personalized, cutting edge web service that will (and yes, we actually believe this) blow all other public service portals in the world out of the water (see, we Finns are not as modest as you might think).

The working title for the new service is Service Views; referring to the leading idea that the service should work as an encompassing view to all the services available, based on my role, personal data and life events.


Sketch from the prototype (Mydata)

In order to get out of the box ideas around our service design, we worked together with students from the Laurea University of Applied Sciences during the spring 2015. Together with Finnish Tax Administration (Vero) we asked students to create ideas on overall design of Service Views and / or any parts of the future coming service. The ideas were not about the technology rather than how to mix my data, service information from the future coming public services data repository, secure messaging between public sector and its customers, single sign on and personal reminders in order to create something completely new. The only limit was to keep in mind that the proposed concept idea had to be usable with any type of device (pc browser, tablet, smartphone etc).

Here is what the student teams came up with and what we picked up to be used in our development.

Suomitravel – “All your travel needs in one!”


Benefits for us:

Suomitravel concept can be a starting point for a service guide as a part of our service. The concept can be expanded to the needs of an expat as well (what to do when I move abroad or to Finland). We will definitely see this through as a starting point for our wizard type of service guides.

Interface ideas for


Benefits for us:

Interface ideas for includes ways to personalize interface based on my own interests and choices which we hadn’t thought yet. Although this requires some deeper planning, we will include some elements of this concept in our service design plans for future years to come.



Benefits for us:

E-voting concept mixes interesting ideas about using existing data to give the voter much more information about the potential candidate before actually casting an electronic vote. Voting is not part of our project at this stage but this concept is something that should be more openly discussed. Is it ok to provide information about the candidates’ views (currently provided typically by media houses in their election machines [vaalikone]) at the same time as casting an electronic vote?

Finland does not allow e-voting yet, but it will definitely be possible someday in the future. For us, this concept opens up more ideas on what sort of voting mechanisms we could include in our concept (instead of voting in official elections).

Life Planner


Benefits for us:

Life Planner shows new thinking especially in how to create notifications and calendar type of (my life) applications. We are currently designing the first versions of the user interface for future coming digital pots (currently under the name of Citizens’ account) so we shall include elements of Life Planner on that.

What is next?

The first, alpha version of the service view for citizens will be ready for internal testing in September 2015. The will be published by the end of year 2015. So keep following us on, Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram.

Special thanks for Antonius and Veera from Laurea for inviting us to work with your students. And of course the biggest thanks for each and every student who took part of this collaboration during the service design course. You made us proud and happy.