Web Service Web Service offers public administration customers access to services, own information and digital messages easily in one place.

Web Service also provides intelligent informative content for different life events, and information about services related to them.

Benefits for the user

A renewed online service aggregates contents aimed at citizens, businesses and authorities. The online service includes:
Instructive contents for different situations and information on services related to them

  • ServiceViews1Consistently described information on public administration services
  • A chance to view all of your own information in administration registers (My data) – business register data will be available in 2016-2017
  • A chance for authorities and citizens to send e-messages to each other (My messages) – will be available in 2017
  • A chance to use e-services for different organisations using single sign-on – will be available in 2016-2017
  • A chance to search for contact information for public administration organisations and their employees (for the authorities section)

The online service entity that is currently being constructed will replace three existing services during 2017:

The existing online services can be used normally during the development phase.

The new Web Service is now open:

Benefits for service providers Web Service helps service providers make their service information and their own information saved in basic data repositories easily available – service data only needs to be updated in one place. Electronic notifications and documents can also be sent and received by using the messaging service via Web Service.

  • Improved quality of services that are easy to find
  • Easy access to common service entities
  • Easy to implement – descriptions of your own services in a commonly agreed way
  • Safe and reliable, easy electronic communication with customers
  • Savings in service data viewing and administration costs as well as communication
  • Improved quality of register data

The data updated and integrated in the Finnish Service Catalogue can be used in any online service by using an open interface.

How does the service work?

Service provider

  1. will describe its service in the Finnish Service Catalogue according to the common data model.
  2. will add the customer data saved in registers to Service Views by using Data Exchange Layer.
  3. will implement the Messages service.

The service provider will thus make important services and customer data available to its customers in the service entity and also in other e-services. By using the Messages, communication with the customer will take place mainly electronically.

Needs for change and costs

The service provider must identify and describe its own services in the Finnish Service Catalogue according to the common data model. The basic register or customer data system must be connected to Data Exchange Layer. Describing the services is sufficient, if you only bring in data or links them to other sources. The Messages has to be activated.

Changes in interfaces or creating new interfaces may be required in the systems. Modes of operation must be changed so that new possibilities may be taken advantage of in full.

Connecting to the service is free, and there are no costs involved in its use.

More information

Jani Ruuskanen
Program Manager
Population Register Centre
029 553 5031

Taina Hagelberg
Product Manager
Population Register Centre
029 553 5037