Messages Messages enables digital communication for authorities regardless of the end-user’s preferred communication channel and message format.

Benefits for the user

With the Messages Service end users of public services can communicate with public organisations.

Now it is possible to receive all messages from authorities in digital format in a single place within Web Service. For example, message containing information request from authority can be dealt with by answering the message in the service. Attachments can be used if needed. Users are identified by and all the messages are encrypted as data security requires.

Benefits for service providers

The benefits of Messages are similar to Citizen’s account (Kansalaisen Asiointitili). It simplifies and increases the efficiency of communication with authorities and encourages to use digital messaging. This means cost savings and improves service quality in several services where effective communication is needed.

The service features include amongst other things advice of receipt and messaging in higher security level. It also includes printing and letter mailing of messages. The customer organization does not need to have a postal agreement with the third party. The Messages service takes care of the deliverance of messages according to end user preference.

How does the service work?

The Messages service appears to citizens and enterprise representatives as an own electronic mailbox within Web Service. The service is available to all end users receiving messages from authorities. It is deployed by giving consent to digital messaging. If the user wants to have all communication by letter mail, the service registers only when and to whom the message was sent to. Messages is a messaging operator for government and municipal authorities, who is responsible for deliverance of messages according to addresses preference. It offers several connection methods: all the connection methods of Citizens Account plus mailing interface. The right addressee is identified by Finnish personal number (citizens) or business identity code (enterprises).

The service is not intended for mutual messaging of authorities or business customer communication unless it has an obligation according to Kapa-Law.

Needs for change and costs

Authorities who already are customers in Citizens Account, do not have to do any technical or functional changes. Customers are informed separately of administrative changes needed.

Use of Messages for customer organizations is free. Costs caused by letter mailing are the responsibility of sending authorities. This is to promote use of digital messaging among government offices and municipalities.

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Hannu Korkeala
Leading Specialist
Population Register Center

Pertti Suomela