News and updates on identification

Users will no longer be able to log into via e-identification on old terminals and browser versions after 5 June

Strong identification in e-Identification will no longer be possible with certain old devices after 5 June. It will no longer be possible to use strong identification with old devices or internet browsers as they pose information security risks.  Operating systems/browsers the use of which will be blocked in e-Identification will the transition to […]

The certificates used for signing SAML messages will be replaced in the production environment on March 7th, 2019

The certificates used for signing e-Identification SAML messages are changing because the current certificates are expiring. Changing the certificate requires changes to the e-services that use e-Identification. If you do not make the change, e-identification will not work in your e-service. Ensure with your service provider or some other corresponding party that the […]

Production use of the Finnish eIDAS node to start on Wednesday 6 February 2019 – processing of German eIDAS identification system users through the e-Identification system will begin

The Finnish eIDAS node will be taken into use in early February. The production use will begin on Wednesday 6 February 2019. The node is used to relay citizens from other EU countries who want to use Finnish public administration e-services with e-Identification. The node’s identification process will first support the German identification system. […]