e-Authorizations e-Authorizations is a service for reliable verification of a person’s or organisation’s authorization and right to use digital services on behalf of another person or organisation regardless of time or place.

Benefits for the user

This service enables users to act on behalf of other persons in digital services, and authorize others to act on their behalf. Examples of possible uses of authorization are, for example, when a parent acts on behalf of his under-aged child or when a person who is authorized to sign for a company acts on behalf of that company.


Benefits for the service providers

The e-Authorizations service offers the possibility of verifying the legal right of a person to act on behalf of another person or a company. The users’ role data is sent directly from existing registers to the service provider’s services.

  • A better service experience, fluent self-service for the customers
  • Using electronic services and processes saves money
  • Administration of authorisations is not required
  • An automatic, reliable verification of authorisations
  • Reducing the risk of misuse

Software providers can integrate the service as part of a CRM system or appointment software, for example. Banks, insurance companies etc. can use the service in their own systems.

What is new in e-Authorizations?

How does the service work?

A person or a company authorizes another person to act on their behalf. The service provider provides in its service or system a query that can be sent to e-Authorizations which then sends back the user’s roles and authorizations to be accessed by said service. An authorization based on an electronic power of attorney is saved in the National Register of Authorizations.


Needs for change and costs

The service provider must provide a connection via an interface to Web Service, and add the role and authorization queries to the functionality of its own services.

An interface may be added to the data system offered by the customer, where authorizations may be handled and where a service related role information query can be created. Users must be trained in the use of new types of operation processes and software functionalities.

More information

For further information, please contact customer service:

Samuel Acs
Product Manager
Population Register Centre
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