Production use of the Finnish eIDAS node to start on Wednesday 6 February 2019 – processing of German eIDAS identification system users through the e-Identification system will begin

The Finnish eIDAS node will be taken into use in early February. The production use will begin on Wednesday 6 February 2019.

The node is used to relay citizens from other EU countries who want to use Finnish public administration e-services with e-Identification. The node’s identification process will first support the German identification system.

The Population Register Centre already completed its work on the Finnish eIDAS node in September. However, bringing the node into operation was delayed due to a data security risk discovered in the German identification solution. Last autumn, the Population Register Centre worked together with other EU countries to find a solution to eliminate the risk. Thanks to a solution developed recently, the node can finally be opened for production use.

It should be noted that the eIDAS regulation obligates all public sector actors to ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulation. It also obligates public sector actors to accept all EU citizens with eIDAS-notified tokens to use their services.  Providing e-services for customers with a German eIDAS-notified token is obligatory starting from Wednesday 6 February 2019.

For all e-services that are not yet able to process eIDAS users, the Population Register Centre offers a service request form developed for e-Identification. The Population Register Centre will open the form for use only after the national node begins its operations. To familiarise yourself in more detail with how to enable the form, read the following article under Service Management: Enabling the eIDAS form (in Finnish).

In addition to Germany, also Italy, Estonia, Spain, Croatia and Luxembourg have notified their eIDAS tokens already. The processing of eIDAS identification system users from the above-mentioned countries through the e-Identification system is scheduled to begin in autumn 2019.

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