Finnish eIDAS node complete – adoption of German eIDAS identification postponed

The Population Register Centre has completed the development of the Finnish eIDAS node. The node is used to relay citizens from other EU countries who want to use online Finnish public administration services that utilise the e-identification system.

In the initial phase, the node’s identification process supports the German identification system. However, a data security flaw has been discovered in the German identification solution, and due to this, the processing of German eIDAS identification system users through the Finnish node has been postponed.

The Population Register Centre will begin relaying users who have been identified using the eIDAS system only after the German identification solution’s data security risk has been fixed. The introduction of the eIDAS form in the Population Register Centre’s online services will be similarly postponed. The Population Register Centre will open the form for use only after the national node begins its operations.

The Population Register Centre will issue a separate press release once the German eIDAS identification system can be taken into use.


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