eIDAS identification will be possible in Suomi.fi e-Identification from 19 September 2018 – See the instructions for enabling the form solution provided by the Population Register Centre

As its statutory duty, the Population Register Centre will implement an eIDAS node enabling eIDAS identification for public sector actors.

The eIDAS regulation obligates all public sector actors to ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulation. It also obligates them to accept EU citizens with an eIDAS-notified token to use the services.

For e-services which are not able to implement support for eIDAS-identified users by the deadline, the Population Register Centre offers a service request form implemented for Suomi.fi e-Identification. The form is offered as a temporary solution to allow the e-services time to solve the processing of elDAS-identified users. The continuation of the temporary service will be reviewed in February 2019.

The service request form will be presented to users after they have identified themselves if they have selected eIDAS identification. Users can write their request and contact details in the form which will be forwarded to the e-service in a standard form email.

If a customer organisation of Suomi.fi e-Identification does not consider the eIDAS regulation to be applicable to a specific e-service, it should contact the Population Register Centre so that the necessary technical changes can be implemented.

To enable the service request form, the terms of use must be accepted in Suomi.fi Service Management and the form settings must be defined in the e-service metadata. To familiarise yourself in more detail with how to enable the form, read the following article in Service Management: Enabling the eIDAS form (in Finnish).

Please note that to enable the use of the form by the end of September, the terms of use must be accepted and the metadata submitted to the Population Register Centre by 14 September 2018.

Schedule for the change
6 August. The eIDAS test period begins. The Population Register Centre adds the necessary eIDAS changes to the metadata of all services in the test environment. The eIDAS functionality can be tested under Identification in the customer test environment.

5 September. The definition of eIDAS assurance levels in metadata becomes obligatory.
14 September. The customer organisation must submit the metadata containing the form specifications to the Population Register Centre by this date to enable the use of the form during September.

19 September. eIDAS identification will be possible in Suomi.fi e-Identification. The option for eIDAS identification will be displayed for all e-services.
29 September. The national interoperable node must have been implemented according to the eIDAS regulation. Public sector actors must accept in their services the use another Member State’s tokens when their assurance level corresponds to that of the Finnish tokens.


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