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Users will no longer be able to log into Suomi.fi via e-identification on old terminals and browser versions after 5 June

Strong identification in Suomi.fi e-Identification will no longer be possible with certain old devices after 5 June. It will no longer be possible to use strong identification with old devices or internet browsers as they pose information security risks.  Operating systems/browsers the use of which will be blocked in Suomi.fi e-Identification will the transition to […]

The certificates used for signing SAML messages will be replaced in the production environment on March 7th, 2019

The certificates used for signing Suomi.fi e-Identification SAML messages are changing because the current certificates are expiring. Changing the certificate requires changes to the e-services that use Suomi.fi e-Identification. If you do not make the change, e-identification will not work in your e-service. Ensure with your service provider or some other corresponding party that the […]

Production use of the Finnish eIDAS node to start on Wednesday 6 February 2019 – processing of German eIDAS identification system users through the Suomi.fi e-Identification system will begin

The Finnish eIDAS node will be taken into use in early February. The production use will begin on Wednesday 6 February 2019. The node is used to relay citizens from other EU countries who want to use Finnish public administration e-services with Suomi.fi e-Identification. The node’s identification process will first support the German identification system. […]

Finnish eIDAS node complete – adoption of German eIDAS identification postponed

The Population Register Centre has completed the development of the Finnish eIDAS node. The node is used to relay citizens from other EU countries who want to use online Finnish public administration services that utilise the Suomi.fi e-identification system. In the initial phase, the node’s identification process supports the German identification system. However, a data […]

eIDAS identification will be possible in Suomi.fi e-Identification from 19 September 2018 – See the instructions for enabling the form solution provided by the Population Register Centre

As its statutory duty, the Population Register Centre will implement an eIDAS node enabling eIDAS identification for public sector actors. The eIDAS regulation obligates all public sector actors to ensure compliance with the requirements of the regulation. It also obligates them to accept EU citizens with an eIDAS-notified token to use the services. For e-services […]

The elDAS contact form soon available

(Lue artikkeli suomeksi Palveluhallinnasta täältä: http://palveluhallinta.suomi.fi/fi/tuki/artikkelit/5b766039a767e8002bb7fe2d) The Population Register Centre is establishing the elDAS node as part of its statutory tasks. In the first phase, a token issued in Germany and linked with the personal identity card will be supported. Tokens approved for use in other EU countries will become available at a later stage. […]

The impacts of eIDAS identification on e-services using Suomi.fi e-Identification

Starting from 29 September, public administration services must accept the use of e-services with eIDAS notified tokens. The Population Register Centre will implement the node for eIDAS identification and assist e-services with the introduction of eIDAS identification through Suomi.fi e-Identification. This message summarises the timetable for the introduction of eIDAS and describes its technical impacts […]