Services Services help public and private sector organizations to create a common platform for digital services.

The digital services that utilize the platform will be used by us all, with a single identity and single sign-on. We can use them in the role of a citizen, and when representing a private or public sector organization. We can also give and receive authorizations for making transactions on behalf of another person or organization. Digital communication and interaction with public authorities will become a lot easier.

The new Web Service is constantly improving, and will gradually become the one stop shop to find services and information, and to interact with the public sector. Private sector services will also be included.

The key to success with the National Architecture of Digital Services is that organizations understand the benefits of Services and take them into use as soon as possible. The services are presented shortly below, with links to service-specific pages.

Current topics

What is e-Authorizations and how does the service help you to authorize someone? Find out by checking out this clip!

Services for organizations e-Authorizations E-Authorizations is a service for reliable verification of a person’s or organisation’s authorization and right to use digital services on behalf of another person or organisation regardless of time or place. Web Service Web Service is the user interface for providing end-users guidance, “My Messages” from Messages, and information from Finnish Service Catalogue and other registers. New is now open at Finnish Service Catalogue

By utilizing Finnish Service Catalogue — the national, centralized data resource — organizations can provide end-users all the necessary information about their services and service channels. Data Exchange Layer

Data Exchange Layer is a standardised channel for data transfer, providing a standardised means for transferring data between organisations and enabling the construction of safe service packages. e-Identification e-Identification enables electronic identification for digital service end-users and a single sign-on identification system to various services. Messages Messages enables digital communication for authorities regardless of the end-user’s preferred communication channel and message format.

The National Architecture for Digital Services Programme 2014-2017 services have been produced in the National Architecture for Digital Services programme. The programme was financed by Ministry of Finance, and operatively managed by Population Register Centre. Population Register Centre will continue to develop the services and will update this page.